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Six Month Smiles in Moses Lake, WA

Six Month Smiles

If you're an adult with crooked, crowded, or oddly placed teeth, a straighter smile may seem like just a dream. You've considered braces in the past, but you just can't imagine yourself wearing them for the next two years. Your sophisticated image is just too important. Maybe you have an important job hunt coming up, or you'll be getting married in the near future. Whatever your situation is, you want results now. Traditional braces can help, but they also take time.

With Six Month Smiles, you can have that straight smile as quickly as its name suggests! You may even complete treatment in less time than that. What makes this possible is the gentle yet continuous pressure that Six Month Smiles exerts on teeth. Plus, because their brackets and wires are clear, you can keep your professional image intact, even as you're working your way to a more confident smile. You'll just need to visit our office about once every 30 days so that Dr. Harder can measure your progress. Interested? You can find out more by calling our Moses Lake office and scheduling a consultation visit with Dr. Harder.