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Should I Opt for a Dental Bridge or a Partial Denture?

October 6, 2023

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an assortment of partial dentures and bridges

Your teeth are an important asset and component of your identity; without them, you wouldn’t be able to smile and chat with people in order to form meaningful connections! But if your smile is incomplete and you have several missing teeth in a row, you might be feeling a little frustrated, perhaps even embarrassed, about your situation. That said, you should want a solution that’s certain to restore your smile’s beauty and functionality—and two such options are dental bridges and partial dentures. Here’s a closer look at some of their key differences so you’ll have an idea of which might be better suited for your needs!


3 Ways You Can Prepare For Dental Implant Surgery

September 18, 2023

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Blurry background of someone in the dentist's chair while the dentist holds an implant rod with forceps in the foreground

Dental implants are one of the most popular choices for replacing missing teeth because they look and function so much like your natural ones. They do involve a surgical procedure though, which can make some patients nervous. If you’re feeling anxious, taking proactive steps to be sure you’re prepared might put your mind at ease. Keep reading to learn about 3 things you can do to help ensure that your dental implants will be a success!


3 Serious Dangers of Mail-Order Clear Aligners

August 31, 2023

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Closeup of person holding clear aligner against white background

In commercials and on social media, mail-order clear aligner companies focus on their lower upfront price in order to draw prospective patients in. In fact, you may have even come across some of their advertisements and contemplated using their products! However, the age-old saying “cheaper isn’t always better” absolutely applies here, especially since they cut corners to cut costs. So, before you sign on the dotted line, keep reading to learn three serious dangers of using mail-order clear aligners.


What Not to Do When Storing Your Toothbrush

July 13, 2023

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Toothbrush receives toothpaste

Since you should be brushing at least twice a day, your toothbrush is an important component next to floss and mouthwash when it comes to your oral hygiene regimen. It therefore makes sense that you should store it in a sanitary manner. Ask yourself if the following narrative aligns with your brushing habits: You walk into the bathroom, open the cabinet door, take your toothbrush out, brush your teeth, and immediately lay it flat on the shelf again before closing the cabinet door.

If this sounds like you, you are basically storing your brush in a dark, wet, and protected bacterial breeding ground. Read on to learn how to store your toothbrush the right way and why it’s important.


4 Tips for Wearing Braces in the Workplace

June 4, 2023

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Getting braces as an adult can be a big change, but taking steps towards the straighter teeth you want is something to be proud of. Finally, you can have the smile of your dreams! It’s perfectly natural to be apprehensive about the discomfort that comes with newly attached brackets and wires. To help ease your transition, here are four tips for wearing braces to work.


What’s the Recovery Process for Full Mouth Reconstruction?

May 18, 2023

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A dentist explaining full mouth reconstruction to a patient

If your smile is doing poorly, you may plan to get a full mouth reconstruction. This option combines several restorative services into one procedure. Still, you may wonder how its recovery process works. Such details, after all, help you know what to expect after treatment. Luckily enough, your Moses Lake dentist is here to give you a rundown. Read on, then, to learn what recovering from full mouth reconstruction looks like based on its potential services.


4 Things That Make Dental Implants So Great

April 5, 2023

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dentist holding out a model of a dental implant

Dental implants are titanium posts surgically placed into the jawbone to serve as artificial tooth roots, offering a strong foundation for replacement teeth. They have earned widespread recognition in the realm of restorative dentistry due to their remarkable advantages and ability to provide natural-looking results. If you are missing teeth and considering dental implants or are just curious about their benefits, read on to learn about four key reasons why dental implants stand out as an excellent option.


You Will Enjoy These 3 Freedoms with Invisalign Treatment!

March 18, 2023

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a woman smiling while holding her Invisalign aligners

Did you know more than half of Americans don’t like to show their smile? A study by OnePoll found that 7 in 10 people reported they feel self-conscious about their teeth. One of the main things that made them feel insecure was the crookedness of their pearly whites. Unfortunately, many adults have not wanted to straighten their teeth because they didn’t want to have a mouth full of metal from traditional braces. However, Invisalign has given you a whole new way to align your teeth! The clear aligners offer so many freedoms. Read on to learn three of them.


How do Dentures Affect Nutrition?

February 18, 2023

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Smiling patient with dentures

One of the biggest things that is missing when people lose teeth is the ability to eat good food. Chewing with even one less tooth can be difficult, and people missing several might need to make serious changes to their diet. That can be a serious problem, as not being able to eat properly can lead to some serious imbalances in nutrition.

When people get dentures, their smile may look a lot like it used to when they had all their teeth, but their relationship to nutrition will probably be a lot different. If you want to learn a little bit more about dentures’ complicated relationship with food, here’s a guide that may be able to offer you a little bit of useful information.


Celebrate Children’s Dental Health Month with 4 Fun, Effective Products!

January 20, 2023

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a mother and child brushing their teeth together

February is quickly approaching. And while the second month of the year is normally associated with Valentine’s Day, it is important for another reason: it’s Children’s Dental Health Month. By teaching your little ones how to implement a great dental routine, you will help keep their oral health in top condition. Essentially, this specially designated oral health month is still about love…showing them how to appreciate their teeth by brushing and flossing! And what better way to celebrate than to buy them cool dental products? Here are four ideas that your children are sure to enjoy (and better yet, use!).

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