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Dental Crowns – Moses Lake, WA

Restoring A Tooth's Strength, Beauty and Function

A natural tooth is comprised of two main parts: the root (below the gumline) and the crown (the white, visible portion you see above the gumline). When a tooth has been damaged from a cavity or fracture, Dr. Harder begins by assessing how much of the natural crown has been affected. If the damage is fairly minor, he can usually repair it with a filling. If it's more extensive, a dental crown may be necessary to restore the tooth's function and appearance. If any of your teeth are in need of repair, give us a call. As a dentist in Moses Lake with over 20 years of experience, Dr. Harder will recommend the ideal treatment for your smile!

Two white dental crowns on a black background

Why Choose Moses Lake Family Dentistry For Dental Crowns?

What Is a Dental Crown?

3D image of a crown being put on a tooth

Dental crowns are sometimes called “caps” because they fit snugly over the entire crown of a tooth. They completely replace any damaged tooth structure to enable your tooth to look and function normally again. Dr. Harder will carefully match the color of your crown to your existing smile so that it looks very natural. This way, no one but you and our team will know you’ve had dental work.

What Kind of Problems Do Dental Crowns Treat?

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Here are just some of the issues that dental crowns in Moses Lake are perfect for:

What Is the Procedure Like?

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Here are the basic steps involved in getting a dental crown:

Maintaining Your Dental Crown

Dental crowns last an average of 15-20 years with basic maintenance. Along with regular checkups and cleanings, make sure to practice good oral hygiene at home. Your crown itself won't develop a cavity, but the tooth underneath it can if the exposed enamel near the gumline isn't kept clean. It's also a good idea to wear a nightguard if you clench and grind to prevent chips and fractures.

Dental crowns are a great way to save badly damaged teeth and will give you a healthier smile for many years to come. If you have any questions or think you may need a dental crown, give us a call today!

Understanding the Cost of Dental Crowns

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One of the things we’ll need to discuss before you can get a dental crown is how much your restoration will cost. Your crown will be made with your unique smile in mind, so the final price will vary depending on what your needs are. We can help you make the best financial decision for your smile by creating an estimate at your initial consultation and discussing ways you can manage the overall cost, such as dental insurance and financing.

Factors That Affect the Cost of Dental Crowns

Illustration of a dental crown in Moses Lake, WA

Obviously, if there are multiple teeth that need to be treated, you can expect to pay for more than one crown. However, there are several other factors that need to be accounted for as well:

  • Sometimes you might get a dental crown as part of another procedure that you’ll also need to pay for. For example, if a tooth is badly infected, it may have to be treated with root canal therapy, and a crown will need to be placed afterward.
  • Not all crowns are the same; they can potentially be made out of a variety of materials. Feel free to speak to one of our team members if you would like to learn more about the materials we use for crowns and how they can influence the overall cost.
  • In the long run, the quality of the crown can make a difference for your bank account. Crowns made of cheaper materials often don’t last as long, meaning you have to pay to replace them more often. A higher quality crown may cost more but can also last longer in many circumstances.

Does Dental Insurance Cover Dental Crowns?

Filling out a dental insurance form on the computer

It’s often hard to give a universal answer when it comes to dental insurance since there are many different plans to choose from. That said, if a crown is medically necessary, it will likely be covered by insurance. Coverage is often somewhere around 50% of the total cost. Don’t forget that you will typically need to meet a deductible before your dental plan starts paying for your treatment. Our team can clarify the details of your plan for you, and we can take care of any claims that need to be filed.

Options for Making Dental Crowns Affordable

Man checking his smile in the mirror after receiving dental crown in Moses Lake, WA

Are you having trouble paying the full cost of your dental crown all at once? You can pay in smaller installments instead by signing up for CareCredit financing. One of the advantages of CareCredit is that they have multiple plans to choose from, many of which have low to no interest.

Please let us know if you have concerns about being able to afford your dental crown. Our team members would be happy to help you apply for CareCredit, and they can gladly give you a detailed explanation of how financing works at our office.

Dental Crowns FAQs

dentist in Moses Lake holding a dental crown on their finger

As one of the most versatile treatments in the field of dentistry, dental crowns are also incredibly common. Chances are high that someone you know has at least one crown. That being said, you probably still have some questions before you commit to the treatment. Dr. Craig Harder will be sure to teach you all that you need to know when you visit him, but until then, we encourage you to read through this list of dental crown FAQs.

Are Dental Crowns Permanent?

Technically, dental crowns in Moses Lake are not permanent, but they can protect your tooth for an average of 15 years or longer, provided you take good care of them. However, the process of preparing your tooth for the crown is irreversible – it involves removing a very small amount of enamel from your tooth, which does not grow back. From that point on, the tooth will always need some sort of restoration over it for protection. Keep in mind, though, that the crown should help the damaged underlying tooth avoid damage and help it last for much longer than it may have otherwise.

Does It Hurt to Get a Dental Crown?

When preparing your tooth for a dental crown, the first step is always to numb your mouth with a local anesthetic. Dr. Harder will make sure you can’t feel a thing and that you’re fully comfortable before he begins. If you need a bit of help relaxing, or if you have difficulty getting numb, we may offer nitrous oxide sedation to make things easier for you.

After getting a dental crown, you may experience mild soreness or sensitivity in that tooth, but it should only last for a few days. During this period, feel free to take over-the-counter pain medications as directed by your doctor. Definitely give us a call if you experience pain that worsens instead of subsiding.

Do Dental Crowns Feel Natural?

Once your permanent crown has been placed, it should feel just like any other tooth. In fact, that’s why we reshape your tooth prior to placing the crown; it prevents the restoration from sticking out compared to the rest of your teeth. Plus, our advanced digital dental scanner captures remarkably accurate impressions of your mouth, creating a precise model for your crown.

What Happens If You Wait Too Long to Get a Dental Crown?

Generally, Dr. Harder will only recommend a crown if a tooth really needs it and can’t be repaired with more conservative methods. While you might be tempted to avoid scheduling the crown procedure, especially if the tooth isn’t bothering you, it’s better in the long run to get it taken care of sooner rather than later. If you were to wait too long, the tooth could sustain even more damage or decay. Eventually, the tooth might become so weak that it can’t support a crown; it may need root canal therapy or even an extraction! To preserve the tooth and help it stay as healthy as possible, we highly recommend scheduling your dental crown procedure soon after Dr. Harder lets you know that you need one.

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